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Give your guests a custom keepsake of your wedding and the VIP treatment: fashion sketches of themselves done live. 

Quick fashion illustrations drawn between 6-10 minutes gives your guests the best of both worlds: fun entertainment and a keepsake they will treasure forever.

If you wish to have me at your wedding please get in touch to discuss availability and prices

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How does it work?

I create live fashion illustrations using ink, markers and watercolour paints in my signature loose & sketchy style on A5 artist grade paper. 

How many illustrations will be created?

I work at a rate of approximately 1 sketch every 8 minutes for an individual, or 10 - 12 minutes for couples depending on style and detail. 

How it works?

I arrive prior to your drinks reception to set up, all I require from the venue is a table and chair. 

I'll bring my signage so people will understand what exactly I'm doing, and how they can get involved.

Your guests will be happy to learn they won't be asked to stand in front of me while I paint them. Instead, I ask them to pose for a photo, which I will use for reference while they continue to enjoy the reception.

I take photos, meet guests and start painting during the drinks reception (usually 2 hours). Once guests are called for the wedding breakfast, I keep my head down and complete as many paintings as possible for the duration of your chosen package.

I pack each illustration in a protective sleeve with a hard backing board for protection and display it on the table, creating a little pop up gallery. Guests love looking at these after the meal, recognising themselves and others and collecting their very own original illustration.  

What style are they painted? 

My quick illustrations are painted in my signature stylised and whimsy way, which is always flattering and complimentary of guests. I quickly capture the key details of outfits and hairstyles, wowing your guests when they instantly recognise themselves and fellow attendees in the pop up gallery. I also offer black and white illustrations, which may suit your event theme better, and also means a higher output of illustrations as they are quicker to create.

What if I have a large wedding and want all guests to get an illustration?

I wish I had the capacity to paint everyone, unfortunately its just not possible :( Once I reach my capacity, I start a waiting list and continue to take guest photos. I will work my hands off to make it into my waiting list, but if there are still outstanding illustrations I can arrange a special discount (at your discretion) that guests can use against the purchase of a custom fashion illustration on my store after the event.

What is the price of Live Wedding Guest Illustration?

Please get in touch for a quote and package details

Do you travel?

Big yes! I'm based in Limerick but love the opportunity to work nationwide, and overseas. Regarding travel expenses, this applies to venues outside the Limerick area at .50c/ per km, and may include overnight accommodation depending on the location. 

If you are interested in receiving a quote for live illustration at your wedding, or have any questions please complete the below or email


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