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Hi there, I’m Rachel, the artist/illustrator/coffee lover behind Rachel Leahy Studio and I’m delighted to welcome you to a world where art and celebrations intertwine. I’m based in Limerick, in the South West of Ireland. As the sole artist and founder, I've embarked on a journey to redefine how we commemorate life's beautiful moments. With a passion for live illustration and a background in business and event management, I've crafted a unique offering that combines both my worlds 🎨✨

For collaborations or enquiries please get in touch hello@rachelleahystudio.com. 

A little more about me...


After months of deliberating between art college or business college, I decided to get a degree in Business and Event Management in Limerick Institute of Technology and graduated in 2015. Back then, my decision was based on the safest/ quickest way to start making money and building a career.

During my four years of study I gravitated towards the marketing industry and quickly became besotted with it, probably because it allowed me to use my creativity. After graduating, I spent 6 years working in marketing roles in a host of industries including a coffee roastery, a children’s charity, a brand agency, a hotel and a print manufacturer. Although I enjoyed each role, I found myself getting bored and feeling suffocated by the 9-5 office life. I yearned for the freedom, creativity and challenge of owning my own creative business.


While out of work during the first lockdown in March 2020 my (incredibly talented and creative) mother sent me a watercolour paint set she had laying around at home to keep me occupied. I had never used watercolour before so I jumped on Skillshare and became determined to master the unpredictable medium. I LOVED it!

I began sharing my creations on Instagram, trying out various styles. I couldn’t believe when friends and family started ordering custom paintings, and was completely shocked when I got my first order from a complete stranger. I tried my best to play it cool and professional!

I started teaching myself Adobe Photoshop and invested in a printer which enabled me (after ALOT of trial and error) to sell high quality prints of my original work. Orders for personal commissions and corporate gifts started to gain momentum. I was juggling this with my full-time job for 12 months. 6am painting sessions before work and building my brand and website late in the evenings. It was intense but I thrived off it, I never saw it as 'work', I loved building my own business, painting and creating sentimental artwork for my customers.


I became a self-employed artist in 2022 and haven't looked back. I've been blessed with amazing and loyal customers and supportive friends and family who continue to encourage me and make it possible to create the business I've dreamed of. I love being a full-time live event artist. Creating art is what makes me happy, and I strive to deliver that happiness to my customers by giving every painting 100% of my attention and care in the hopes of it bringing a smile every time its viewed.

When I’m not running my business or painting I love travelling, hiking, wild water swimming, gymming, discovering new coffee shops, spending time with family & running. I’m a big fan of practising gratitude and read endless books on building a positive mindset and manifesting my dreams into a reality.

Join me on Instagram @rachelleahystudio for day to day updates on my life and business, say hi if you drop by :) 

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