Hi! I’m Rachel, the artist/illustrator/coffee lover behind Rachel Leahy Studio and I’m delighted to welcome you to a world where art and celebrations intertwine. I’m based in Limerick, in the South West of Ireland. As the sole artist and founder, I've embarked on a journey to redefine how we commemorate life's beautiful moments. With a passion for live illustration and a background in business and event management, I've crafted a unique offering that combines both my worlds🎨✨

Live event artist from Ireland, infusing events & weddings with the beauty of watercolour illustrations.

In 2022, I embarked on a journey as a self-employed artist, and it's been an incredible 2 years since. Grateful for the unwavering support of wonderful clients, loyal friends and a supportive family that has helped me realise the dream of building my own business. As a dedicated full-time live event artist, creating art is not just my job – it's my source of joy. I pour my heart into every painting, ensuring that each piece receives love and care.