Live Event Illustration

Welcome to the world of Live Event Illustration, where artistic mastery meets the pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity. At Rachel Leahy Studio, I, Rachel, blend my passion for artistry with the elegance of high-end events, including those hosted by designer brands and fashion houses.

My Live Event Illustration service is a bespoke experience. Imagine your most distinguished guests becoming living canvases, their unique personalities and style immortalised through each expertly crafted brushstroke. This is the magic I bring to your events – a fusion of creativity and luxury that leaves a lasting impression.

From fashion-forward gatherings to exclusive brand activations, I've had the privilege of enhancing the most prestigious occasions. My professional yet warm approach ensures every detail of your event is seamlessly intertwined with the live illustration experience.

With a background in business and event management, I understand that luxury is about crafting moments that resonate with emotion and style. My Live Event Illustrations offer your guests not just tokens but cherished keepsakes, tangible memories of your remarkable day.

Whether it's a high-profile fashion show, an exclusive product launch, or an intimate soirée, Rachel Leahy Studio transforms your events into masterpieces. I invite you to explore my world, where every stroke of the brush is a testament to my commitment to luxury, artistry, and your unique vision.

I look forward to the opportunity of working together, get in touch today to discuss your vision